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Audiovisual solutions

Audiovisual solutions


Congratulations, you've found the right place! In Xplora we work with feelings and every project we create is something alive, amazing, unique and unrepeatable.

Looking for fame and willing to skip the rules? In Xplora rules change and drive us to new scopes, while still maintainig our feet firmly on the ground. We are creative and passionate. We Xploradores, inventors of challenges, and the best to meet your "tailor-made" needs.
Shall we take your measures?


Sustainable Events

Sustainable events are a reality . The logic leads us to respect fully the environment. MD is clearly determined to lead sustainable audiovisual events and become the spearhead of a responsible industry with the environment.

Want to know how to make a Sustainable Event ? Click here

Sponsorship Project Celiconsejos

Project for our celiac tips on social networks and mobile applications.
We had the confidence of Nutella, Pepsico, Potatoes Torres, Bimbo, Santiveri, Caprabo, Schär, MSC Cruceros...


Product Placement

Proyecto esponsorización mediante Product Placement de los vídeo tutoriales de Scrap de Elena Roche (Pega, Papel o Tijeras).

Máximo 3 sponsors.